600 €

Extreme Carve

There are two main reasons why we have made the Extreme Carve model based on our well-proven Pro Carve:

-          Some carvers have too big feet for a normal use of narrow boards, so especially for them we have made the Extreme Carve which is wide enough to enable them normal side angles without any danger to slide on the snow when extremely carving. 

-          Some carvers prefer the extreme carving style, which means laying down on snow with the whole body and that style requires wider boards.

Extreme Carve is less dynamic than the Pro Carve, needs more time and power to get from one edge to another, but in extreme inclinations stays very stable and smooth running. This board is very suitable for long and closed ( back to the hill ) turns or so called “lay down to the ear” turns from one edge of the slope to another.

Recommendable for good carvers in extreme carving style or those with big feet.


As upgrade for good carvers combination with Race Plate 1.21 is available.


Recommendable for the shoe sizes over  EU 43 / UK 9 /  MO 28



-          vertically laminated wood core of poplar and beech

-          three layers of laminates: F14/F14 below and Triax + Carbon on top

-          nano Carbon sintered running base

-          20 stainless steel inserts


Level :                         advanced level / sportive


Riding style :   classic carving , extreme carving

Effective Edge
Riders Weight
Rider's Level
16915611273/220/27160 - 100Alpine Master
17616112273/225/271> 75Alpine Master

Compatible with

Race Plate 1

F2 Race Titanium

F2 Intec Titanium

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