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Lady Carve

Our new »lady companion« for women freecarvers, who prefer to enjoy in smooth carving even at high speed without too much effort. The new Lady Carve is perfectly balanced and quite easy to ride board for such riding and a compromise between a simple Joy Carve and our top model Pro Carve. Each run is a pure pleasure, from the very first morning cut to the last afternoon sweep.

Effective Edge
Riders Weight
Rider's Level
1501357.5228/180/22840 - 70Alpine Advanced
Technical details

tip to tail vertically laminated wood with full around ABS sidewall,
- heavy F1414 fiberglass laminates and new basalt top, hand lacquered
- All-around steel edge,
- 20 stainless steel inserts 4x2,
- Nano-highspeed base with dy-cut logo

Compatible with

Deeluxe TRACK 325

SP - Base

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