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Race Plate 1

Race plates are made of high density polyethylene material ( PE HD 1000 ). Because this material is greasy in its structure it enables uninterrupted gliding on the board surface, basically it doesn’t disturb its bending. Plates touch the board in two parallel stripes on both sides only, so your force transfers directly on the edge without bending of the board under bindings. On front and end side six centimeters of the plate is shaped by the correct parabolic line, which is exactly the boards bending line. Unlike with bindings only the board and plate never touch just in one point. And they newer touch in a sharp edge, but the plate slowly distance itself from the board. When the pressure is getting bigger (bending of the board) more and more of the plate is touching the board. Because of this the board is getting harder  and we get progressive flex characteristic – the more we press the board, greater resistance it gives us.  Plates also have two foam pads at front and back which additionally dampen vibrations.


Race plates have four main functions:

1. Direct force transfer to the edge of the board without board bending.

2.  Better lying on board with this you put better pressure on the board in critical locations ( before first and second binding)

3. You are raised from the ground that enables you much bigger slopes without touching the ground with your boots even with narrow boards.

4.  It dampens the vibrations and it gives you much softer driving experience

Width (cm)Height (cm)

Compatible with

Pro Carve

Extreme Carve

Race SL

Race GS

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