Terms of agreement

Goltes d.o.o., the owner of Goltes web store, ensures the careful and non-abusive treatment of the customer personal data, in interest of the valid Slovenian and EU laws. Goltes d.o.o. is bound not to give any personal or other customer data to any third party.

As a customer you are protected by the Customer protection law. With submitting your order you allow Goltes d.o.o. to maintain, control and manage your personal data and ensure the management of your personal data by the Slovenian law of the personal data protection (Uradni list RS št. 59/99, 57/01).

All the Goltes d.o.o. web activities are treated regarding the EU legislation (EU Directive 95/46/EC, 2002/58/EC and Treaty Conventions ETS 108, ETS 181, ETS 185, ETS 189) and the state legislations of the Central in Eastern Europe. The privacy politics determines the company management of all the data which are collected from you when you visit our web page.


Personal data are all the informations upon which your identification is made: your mane, surname, email and home adress. Goltes d.o.o. cannot collect your personal data, except when you decide to submit these data to us - that is when you meke a purchase at our web store or subscribe to our newsletter. 


Promotional messages need to include the following data:
• they need to be clearly recognized as the promotional emails
• the sender's adress needs to be visible
• actions, promotions and other marketing techniques need to be marked and explained clearly
• if the customer wishes to cancel the recieving of promotional emails, he has to be removed from the reciever's list immediately 
• promotional emails need to include the instrucions about how to unsubscribe from the promotional email reciever's list.

Goltes d.o.o. will use your personal data solely for the use of the technical procedures of the administration at our web page, to ensure the customer the access to the special informations at the web page and for general communication with the customer. Goltes d.o.o. will not give your personal data to the third party. The employees in Goltes d.o.o. are bound to respect your personal data by the confidentiallity agreement. 


All the information, submitted by the customer to Goltes d.o.o., are controlled solely by the customer. If the customer chooses not to submit his personal data to Goltes d.o.o., the customer will not be able to acces some of the web pages. Customers, who wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter, please write to the following email adress: info@goltes.com. If your personal data change in any way, please let us know about it to the following email adress: info@goltes.com.


Whenever you enter our web page, your impersonal data (browser users, number of visits, average visit time, visited sites etc.), are automatically registrated. We use these date solely for measuring the popularity and for the improvement of the contents and user management. These data are not subject to further treatment and will not be forwarded to the third party. 


Goltes d.o.o. ensures the safety of your personal data. All your personal data are protected from the loss, destruction, forgery, manipulation and unauthorized access. 


Goltes d.o.o. strongly reccomends to all parents to teach their children of the importance of safe and responsible management of their personal data in the internet. Underage customers should not submit any personal data to our web site without the supervision of the parent. Goltes d.o.o. will never deliberately collect personal data from underage customers. 


This privacy statement is valid solely at this web site. Some web pages at Goltes.com web site can contain links to other web sites, for which this privacy statment is not vaild. When you leave our web site, please check the privacy statement of every web site you enter.

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