Hi Jani,

Because of business trips we couldn't test the board earlier....

We are happy!

I dont know if it is the plate but the boards really rockin' crazy!!!

The whole setup works good!

Thanks a lot...

Christian&Alex Austria


Q: Hello, I'am intrested in the Goltes Extreme Carve 178. My weight is 100 KG in the sheet stays <50 kg I think thath's wrong? What is the weight range for this board. Is this board simular to a SWOARD 175. Thats the board I wanna to buy. But the price of this Goltes board is much better. Do I have to pay TAX when the boards arrive at my place? I thin k a can set the binding at 54 / 55 degress when a order a board How long will it takes to the netherlands? Thanks for the info 
Rik, Netherlands


A: After everything your explained I'm very shore you will be satisfied with our Extreme Crave 178.

But for your wife I would strongly recommend the B-Fly 156, when she's 175 cm and 80 kg. Even for much smaller and lighter women I'd recommend the 156. 151 will be too short for her. Our boards have quite small radiuses, so she can do sharp turns even at lower speed, but the length will give her stability.

Of course final decision is yours, but this is my recommendation. 

 Jani Goltes


Q: Jani,

Just received the board. The look great. I can’t wait to try my board. Thanks for the great deal and the service.
Rik, Netherlands



Jani Goltes is alpine snowbord carving enthusiast. He is the founder and owner of Goltes snowboards d.o.o. He is a leading expert and a profound inovator in snowboard production for 20 years.


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